Bulgaria will start publishing daily data on government spending in August as part of the country’s Open Government Initiative. The Ministry of Finance will post .xls spreadsheets with information on fund transfers to ministries, municipalities, universities, and other public organizations.

The Bulgarian government hopes that the initiative will lead to greater transparency by allowing Internet users to track the implementation of government policies and monitor day-to-day spending. Blogger Boyan Yurokov, while lauding the initiative, expressed concern that the data may not be released in an organized and readable way, which could diminish its potential value.

Plans for this initiative were set at a 27 June 2012 cabinet meeting where the goals of the OGP were finalized and the project was set in motion. Moreover, Bulgaria’s e-government project has been in the works for the past 10 years. Bulgaria has set a May 2013 deadline to fully implement its e-government project, which will include 30 public registers providing online information on health services, natural resource development, and contracts with the private sector.

Photo courtesy OKFN:Local Bulgaria. Creative Commons. Originally posted on Netprophet.

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